How to Open Dreamcloud Mattress

If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive mattress, the Dreamcloud Mattress is a great option. It’s an all-foam mattress with a thick layer of memory foam and a thinner layer of latex-like foam. The memory foam contours to your body and provides pressure relief, while the latex-like foam provides support and helps keep you cool.

The mattress also has a quilted top layer that adds extra cushioning. The Dreamcloud Mattress is available in both medium and firm versions, so you can choose the level of firmness that’s right for you. It’s also one of the more affordable all-foam mattresses on the market.

  • Cut along the top of the plastic packaging
  • Unroll or unfold the mattress and place it on a flat surface
  • Remove any remaining plastic wrap or material
  • Let the mattress “air out” for a few hours to eliminate any potential odors from being trapped in the packaging
  • Enjoy your new Dreamcloud Mattress!
How to Open Dreamcloud Mattress


How Many Hours Does It Take for the Dreamcloud Mattress to Expand?

It takes about 24 hours for the DreamCloud mattress to expand fully. However, it may take up to 72 hours for the mattress to reach its full potential. This is due to the fact that the memory foam used in the construction of the mattress needs time to fully expand.

How Long Does It Take a Dreamcloud Mattress to Inflate?

It usually takes about 4-6 hours for a DreamCloud Mattress to inflate properly. If you have any issues with inflation, please contact customer service.

How Many Years Does the Dreamcloud Mattress Last?

Assuming you are referring to the DreamCloud mattress, it is designed to last for up to eight years. This is based on an average use of three to four hours per day. The mattress warranty covers any manufacturing defects for up to five years.

After five years, DreamCloud will repair or replace your mattress at a prorated cost.

Do You Have to Flip a Dreamcloud Mattress?

No, you don’t have to flip a DreamCloud mattress. However, flipping it occasionally will help extend its life.

Unboxing a Dream Cloud Mattress

How Long Can a Dreamcloud Mattress Stay in the Box

Most people don’t know that you can actually keep a mattress in the box for quite some time. In fact, the average person will only keep their mattress in the box for about 3-5 years. However, if you have a Dreamcloud Mattress, you can actually keep it in the box for up to 10 years!

That’s because our mattresses are made with high-quality materials that won’t break down over time. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting mattress, look no further than Dreamcloud!


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How to Open Dreamcloud Mattress”: The first step is to identify which side of the mattress is up. There will be a small tag on one end that will say “this side up”.

Once you have found this, flip the mattress over so that the other side is now facing up. The next step is to locate the zipper. This will be on one of the long sides of the mattress.

Start unzipping it from one end and work your way down until you can see the foam inside. Now it is time to start removing the foam. Be sure to do this slowly and carefully so that you do not rip or tear the material.

You may want to use a sharp knife or scissors to help with this process. Finally, once all of the foam has been removed, you can now remove the cover.