How to Lower a Crib Mattress

When you have a baby, one of the most important pieces of furniture is the crib. The crib should be comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep in. One way to make sure your baby is comfortable is to lower the crib mattress.

This can be done easily with a few simple steps.

  • Remove the mattress from the crib
  • Lower the crib’s adjustable mattress support to the desired height
  • Place the mattress back in the crib
How to Lower a Crib Mattress


How Do You Adjust the Height of a Crib Mattress?

When you are expecting a baby, one of the most important purchases you will make is a crib. Your little one will spend many hours sleeping in their crib, so you want to make sure it is comfortable and safe. Part of ensuring your baby’s comfort is making sure the mattress is the correct height.

The height of the mattress should be adjustable so that it can be lowered as your baby grows. Many cribs have three or four different heights that the mattress can be set at. To adjust the height of your crib mattress, first remove any bedding or blankets from the crib.

Then locate the adjustment levers on either side of the headboard or footboard. These levers are usually located near the floor. To raise the mattress, turn both levers clockwise until they stop moving.

To lower the mattress, turn both levers counterclockwise until they stop moving. Once you have reached the desired height, replace any bedding and blankets in the crib. Making sure your crib has a comfortable and safe mattress is an important part of being a parent.

By taking a few moments to adjust the height of your baby’s mattress, you can ensure that they get a good night’s sleep every night!

When Should I Lower the Crib Mattress?

Most parents lower the crib mattress when their baby starts pulling up to a standing position and can no longer safely sleep in a high crib. Some parents choose to wait until their baby is trying to climb out of the crib before lowering it. If you have any concerns about your child’s safety, always consult with your pediatrician.

How Do You Lower a Crib Mattress to the Floor?

If you have a young baby, you may be wondering how to lower a crib mattress to the floor. There are a few different methods that you can use, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. One option is to simply remove one or two of the slats from the side of the crib so that the mattress can sit lower.

This is a fairly easy method, but it does mean that your child will be able to climb out of the crib more easily. If safety is your main concern, this might not be the best option for you. Another possibility is to buy a special low-profile crib mattress.

These mattresses are designed to fit lower in the crib, and they typically have fewer coils than regular mattresses. This can make them more comfortable for your child and also help reduce the risk of SIDS. However, they can be more expensive than regular mattresses, so this may not be an option if you’re on a budget.

Finally, you could try using blankets or towels to prop up one side of the mattress so that it sits lower in the crib. This isn’t as safe as using a low-profile mattress, but it’s an inexpensive way to achieve the same effect. Just make sure that whatever you use is securely fastened so that it doesn’t pose a hazard for your child.

Whichever method you choose, lowering your crib mattress can provide many benefits for both you and your baby.

How Do You Lower a Convertible Crib?

When you lower a convertible crib, you will need to first remove the mattress and any other bedding that is on the crib. Once this is done, you will need to find the two side rails of the crib and pull them out until they are level with the top of the crib. Next, you will need to find the four corner posts of the crib and unscrew them from the bottom of the crib.

After this is done, you can now begin to lower the convertible crib by holding onto the side rails and slowly lowering it down.

How to Lower a Baby Crib

Lowering Crib Mattress to Floor

When you have a baby, one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is the crib. The crib is where your baby will sleep for the first few months (or years) of their life, so it’s important to make sure that it’s comfortable and safe. One way to do this is by lowering the crib mattress to the floor.

There are a few benefits to lowering the crib mattress to the floor. First, it can make it easier for you to get your baby in and out of the crib. Second, it can help prevent your baby from falling out of the crib (although you should still use a safety rail).

And third, it can give your baby a sense of security and stability, since they’re closer to the ground. Of course, there are also some drawbacks to lowering the crib mattress to the floor. For one thing, it might be more difficult for you to change your baby’s diaper if they’re on a lower bed.

Additionally, if you have pets, they might be able to jump into the crib more easily (although this can be prevented by using a pet gate). Overall though, lowering the crib mattress can be a great way to make your nursery safer and more comfortable for both you and your little one.


Most parents don’t think about how to lower a crib mattress until they have to do it. It’s not difficult, but there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to find the two screws that hold the mattress support in place.

These are usually located at the top of the crib. Once you’ve found them, unscrew them and remove the support. Next, you’ll need to lower the mattress itself.

There are typically four screws that hold it in place. Unscrew these and remove the mattress. Finally, replace the mattress support and screw it back into place.

That’s all there is to it!